Exercise 2.7 :Past tense – Practice -1

Verb Usage in simple present tense Usage in simple past tense
जाना (jaanaa)

To go

मैं जाता/ती हूँ |(main jaataa/tee hoon)

I go

मैं गया/गई(main gayaa/gayee)

I went


to walk

मैं चलता/ती हूँ |(main chalataa/tee hoon)

I walk

मैं चला/चली(main chalaa/chalee)

I walked


to speak

मैं बोलता/ती हूँ |(main bolataa/tee hoon)

I walk

मैं बोला/चली(main bolataa/bolaa)

I talked


To play

मैं खेलता /ती हूँ |(main kheltaaa/tee hoon)

I play

मैं खेला/खेली(main khelaa/lee)

I played


To come

मैं आता/ती हूँ |(main aataa/tee hoon)

I come

मैं आया/आयी |(main aayaa/aayee)

I came


To sit

मैं बैठता /ती हूँ |(main baithtaa/tee hoon)

I sit

मैं बैठा/बैठी |(main baithaa/thee)

I sat

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2 comments on “Exercise 2.7 :Past tense – Practice -1
  1. nivitha says:

    Mein bolataa…I speak rite?

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