Exercise 3.6: Questions of “why”

This exercise is on lesson 3.6:Questions on why in Hindi

  Hindi English
Question तुम क्यों आये ?

(tum kyon aaye ?)

Why did you come?
Question तुम इधर क्यों हो ?

(tum idhar kyon ho)

Why are you here ?
Question तुम क्यों गए ?

(tum kyon gaye)

Why did you go?
Question आप क्यों पानी पिए ?

(aap kyon paani piye)

Why did you drink water?
Question आप घर क्यों जाओगे ?

(aap ghar kyon jaoge)

Why will go home ?
Question वे काम क्यों कर रहे है ?

(ve kaam kyon kar rahe hai)

Why are they working?

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