Exercise 3.4: Questions on “where”

This exercise is for the lesson 3.4: questions on “where”.

  Hindi English
Question पीटर कहाँ है ?

(Peter kahaan hai)

Where is Peter ?
Question मुंबई कहाँ है ?

(mumbai kahaan hai)

Where is Mumbai ?
Question पीटर कहाँ था ?

(peter kahaan thaa)

Where was Peter ?
Question कल तुम कहाँ जाओगे ?

(kal tum kahaan jaaoge)

Where will you go tomorrow?
Question तुम कहाँ जा रहे हो ?

(tum kahaan ja rahe ho)

Where are you going ?
Question कल तुम कहाँ थे ?

(kal tum kahaan the)

Where were you yesterday ?


  1. when i am trying to open exercise 3.5(questions on when), it is directing to exercise 3.4(questions on where). Could you please help.

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