Exercise 3.3 : Questions of “who”

This exercise is for lesson 3.3:Questions of “who”.

Hindi English
Question वह कौन था ?(vah koun thaa) Who was he/she ?
Answer वह पीटर था |(vah peter thaa) He was Peter.
Question वह कौन है ?(vah koun hai) Who is he/she?
Answer वह मोनिका है |(vah monica hai) She is Monica..
Question तुम कौन हो ?(tum koun ho) Who are you ?
Answer मैं पीटर हूँ |(main peter hoon) I am Peter.
Question कल कौन आयेगा ?(kal koun aayega) Who will come tomorrow ?
Question कल पीटर आयेगा |(kal peter aayega) Peter will come tomorrow.
Question कौन काम कर रहा है ?(koun kaam kar rahaa hai) Who is working ?
Answer मोनिका काम कर रही है |(monkaa kaam kar rahee hai) Monica is working.


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