Exercise 3.2 : Questions on “what”

This exercise is on Lesson 3.2 : Questions on “what”. The exercise assumes you have strong concepts of tenses and verbs.

  Hindi English
Question तुमने कल क्या देखा ?

(tumne kal kyaa dekhaa)

What did you see yesterday ?
Answer मैंने कल सिनेमा देखा

(maine kal cinema dekha)

I saw/watched a movie.
Question तुम्हारा फोन नम्बर क्या है ?

(tumhara phone iphone kya hai ?)

What is your phone number ?
Answer नहीं, मेरा फ़ोन नंबर ३३ है |

(mera phone number 33 hai)

My phone number is 33.
Question तुम क्या कर रहे हो ?

(tum kya kar rahe ho)

What are you doing ?
Answer मैं खाना खा रहा हूँ |

(main khaanaa kha rahaa hoon)

I am eating food (literal translation)
Question तुम्हारा नाम क्या है ?

(tumhara naam kya hai ?)

What is your name ?
Question मेरा नाम सचिन है |

(meraa naam sachin hai)

My name is Sachin.
Question तुम कल क्या करोगे ?

(tum kal kyaa karoge)

What will you do tomorrow ?
Answer मैं कल ऑफिस जाऊंगा |

(main kal office jaoungaa)

I will go to office tomorrow.


    1. both the words “yesterday” and “tomorrow” are translate to “kal” in Hindi

  1. Also, I thought Ne was added to past tense, but you wrote
    ‘haan maine kal office aaoungaa’

    can you clarify whether this is a mistake or whether you do use Ne in future tense.



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