Exercise 3.1 : Yes-no questions

This exercise is on the Lesson 3.1: Yes-No questions in Hindi.

  Hindi English
Question तुमने सिनेमा देखा क्या?

(tumne cinema dekha kya ?)

Did you watch the movie ?
Answer हाँ , मैंने सिनेमा देखा

(haan, maine cinema dekha)

Yes, I watched the movie.
Question तुम्हारा फ़ोन iphone है क्या ?

(tumhara phone iphone hai kya ?)

Is your phone an iPhone ?
Answer नहीं, मेरा फ़ोन iphone नहीं है |

(naheen, mera phone ipphone nahi hai )

No, my phone is not an iPhone.
Question तुम कल ऑफिस गए थे क्या ?

(tum kal office gaye the kyaa ?)

Did you go to office yesterday ?
Answer हाँ, मैं कल ऑफिस गया था |

(haan, main kal office gayaa thaa)

Yes, I went to office yesterday.
Question तुम्हारा नाम सचिन है क्या ?

(tumhara naam sachin hai kyaa)

Is your name Sachin ?
Question हाँ , मेरा नाम सचिन है |

(haan, mera naam sachin hai)

Yes, my name is Sachin.
Question तुम कल आओगे क्या ?

(tum kal office aaoge kyaa)

Will you come tomorrow ?
Answer हाँ ,मैं कल आऊंगा |

(haan, maine kal office aaounga)

Yes, I will come tomorrow.


  1. in 3rd quest, i.e., Did you go to office yesterday ? in dat u translated tum kal office gaye the kyaa? in dat quest, there is no primary auxillary verb i.e, “were”, then y did u add “the”?

    & for dat quest u answered +ve form in hindi and u translated
    -ve form in english.

    what is “gaaye” u framed in de abv quest?? in hindi go is referred as “jaaye” for de abv suitable quest ryt ?? pls clarify my doubt .

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