Exercise 2.1 : Random Hindi words

The purpose of this exercise is to practice the “Be Verbs” taught in the lesson 2.1 :”Be verbs in Hindi“. The following table contains random Hindi words which are used to practice “Be verbs in Hindi”. These words are selected from previous exercises.

English Hindi Example
Kid बच्चा /बच्ची


मैं बच्चा था /थी |

(I was a kid)

Farmer किसान


आप किसान हो |

(You are a farmer)

Teacher शिक्षक


वह शिक्षक है |

(He/She is a teacher)

Intelligent बुद्धिमान


आप बद्धिमान थे |

(You were intelligent)

Young जवान


वह जवान थी |

(She was young)

Weak कमज़ोर


वह कमज़ोर था |

(He was weak)

Strong बलवान


मैं कमज़ोर हूँ |

(I am weak)

Poor गरीब


वह गरीब था |

(He was poor)

Rich अमीर


वह अमीर थी |

(She was rich)


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