Exercise 1.8: People and Places

This exercise is part of the lesson 1.7: “Our-Your-Their“. The exercises contains a list of words which can be used to practice  pronouns taught in the lesson.

English Hindi Example
People लोग (loag) हमारे लोग(our chair)
Place जगह (jagah) उनकी जगह |(their place)
City शहर (shahar) आपका शहर(Your city)
Country देश (desh) हमारा देश(our country)
River नदी (nadee) उनकी नदी(their river)
Mountain पहाड़ (pahaad) हमारा पहाड़(Our mountain)
Road सडक (sadak) आपकी रोड(Your road)
House घर (ghar) हमारा घर(Our house)
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2 comments on “Exercise 1.8: People and Places
  1. Sapphirebcf says:

    What does loag mean because you have given two meanings for it ! One chair and people !!

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