Exercise 1.6: Simple objects in Hindi

This exercise is part of the lesson 1.6: “Describing others in Hindi“. The exercises contains a list of household items which can be used to practice possessive pronouns taught in the lesson.

English Hindi Example
Chair कुर्सी (kursee) उसकी कुर्सी

(his/her chair)

Vehicle गाड़ी (gaadee) उसकी गाड़ी Toyota है |

(his/her vehicle is Toyota)

Fan पंखा (pankhaa) मेरा पंखा

(My fan)

Water पानी (paanee) इसका पानी

(his/her water)

Tree पेड़ (ped) उसका पेड़

(his/her tree)

Vegetables सब्जी (sabzee) तुम्हारी सब्जी

(Your vegetables)

Fruit फल (fal) आपके फल

(your fruits)

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