Exercise 1.5: Common Indian Names

This exercise is the part of the lesson 1.5:”He is my friend”. The exercise contains list of common Indian names which can be used to practice third person pronouns learned in this lesson. The exercise also takes words from previous exercises and lessons.

English Hindi Example
Kumar कुमार यह कुमार है |(He is Kumar)
Amit अमित वह अमित है |(He is Amit)
Priya प्रिया यह प्रिया है |(She is Priya)
Suresh सुरेश सुरेश कलाकार है |(Suresh is an artist)
Vinay विनय विनय लेखक है |(Vinay is a writer)
Pooja पूजा वह पूजा है |(She is Pooja)
Neha नेहा नेहा मेरी दोस्त है |(Neha is my friend)
Raj राज राज आपके भाई है |(Raj is your brother)
Rahul राहुल राहुल तुम्हारा बेटा है |(Rahul is your son)
Shreya श्रेया श्रेया तुम्हारी बेटी है |(Shreya is your daughter)
Nikhil निखिल निखिल कमज़ोर है |(Nikhil is weak)

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