Exercise 1.4 : Words from previous exercises.

This exercise is a revision exercise on Hindi words taught in previous three exercises. The examples are based on lesson 1.4: Your name is Peter.

English Hindi Example
Father पिताजी (pitajee) तुम्हारे पिताजी doctor हैं |(Your father is doctor)
Brother भाई  (bhaee) तुम्हारा भाई  बलवान है |(Your brother is strong)
Teacher शिक्षक (shikshak) आपकी माँ शिक्षक है |(Your mother is a teacher)
Lazy आलसी (aalsee) आपका बेटा आलसी है |(Your son is lazy)
Intelligent बुद्धिमान (budhimaan) मेरा भाई बुद्धिमान है |(My brother is intelligent)
Great महान (mahaan) मेरा देश महान है |(My country is great)
Laborer मजदूर (mazdoor) तेरा भाई मजदूर है |(Your brother is a laborer)
Journalist पत्रकार (patrkaar) तेरी बहन पत्रकार है |(Your sister is a journalist)
Friend दोस्त (dost) तुम्हारा दोस्त(Your friend)
Beautiful सुन्दर (sundar) आप सुन्दर हो |(You are beautiful)


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