Exercise 1.3 : Simple words to describe a person

This exercise is for the lesson: “Telling who you are” in Hindi. The following table contains list of words which can be used to describe a person. You can make sentences like “You are beautiful” or “You are strong”in Hindi using following table.

The last two examples  take concepts from previous lessons.

English Hindi Example
Strong बलवान (balvaan) मैं बलवान हूँ |

(I am strong)

Weak कमज़ोर  (kamzor) तुम कमज़ोर हो |

(You are weak)

Beautiful सुन्दर (sundar) आप सुन्दर हो |

(You are beautiful)

Lazy आलसी (aalsee) तू आलसी है|

(You are lazy)

Intelligent बुद्धिमान (budhimaan) मेरा भाई बुद्धिमान है |

(My brother is intelligent)

Great महान (mahaan) मेरा देश महान है |

(My country is great)


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  2. k .sowjanya says:

    your exercises are good to learn hindi. Thank you

  3. Abdulrauf aljasawee says:

    Main bohoot sundar larka hoon mera haath kamzoor nahi hai main nalvaan hoon aur main bhodhima hoon. Kripaya lerning hindi are my words corect?

  4. Cherish says:

    Main ladkee hoon,muze hindi seekhnee hain!..am a nigerian but love hindi and i heard that yah website acche ho?

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