Exercise 1.2: Family relations

This exercise is the part of the lesson : “Telling your name in Hindi”. This exercise contains list of words to be used with the possessive pronouns taught in the lesson. This exercise uses words on Hindi professions given in previous exercise: Exercise 1.1 : Hindi professions.

Read the following table.

English Hindi Example
Father पिताजी (pitajee) मेरे पिताजी
Mother माँ  (maa) मेरी माँ doctor है |
Son बेटा (betaa) मेरा बेटा student है |
Daughter बेटी (beti) मेरी बेटी engineer है|
Brother भाई (bhaee) मेरा भाई शिक्षक है |
Sister बहन (bahan) मेरी बहन पत्रकार है |


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