Exercise 1.1: Hindi Professions

The purpose of this exercise is to teach you Hindi words which can used with the pronoun taught in the lesson : Your introduction in Hindi.The following table contains Hindi words for professions. In colloquial Hindi, most of the words for professions are taken directly from English. Words like doctor, engineer, mechanic are directly used in the conversations without their Hindi translation.

for example : “I am doctor ” is “मैं doctor हूँ |”. The Hindi word for doctor is rarely used in the conversations.

The following table contains list of professions in Hindi. Do not get intimidated by the long words.Try to learn 2-3 words and read them along with the examples. These words will keep appearing in future exercises.

English Hindi Example
Artist कलाकार (kalaakaar) मैं कलाकार हूँ |
Journalist पत्रकार  (patrakaar) मैं पत्रकार हूँ |
Writer लेखक (lekhak) मैं लेखक हूँ |
Businessman व्यापारी (vyaapaari) मैं व्यापारी हूँ |
Teacher शिक्षक (shikshak) मैं शिक्षक हूँ |
Servent नौकर (noukar) मैं नौकर हूँ |
Labrorer मजदुर (mazdoor) मैं मजदुर हूँ |


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