Exercise 2.2 : Describing people

The purpose of this exercise is to practice the “Be Verbs” taught in the lesson 2.2 :”Be verbs in Hindi-2“. The following table contains Hindi words to describe a person; which are used to practice “Be verbs in Hindi”. Some of these words are selected from previous exercises.

English Hindi Example
Rich अमीर(ameer) हम अमीर थे |(We were rich)
Poor गरीब](gareeb) हम गरीब है |(We are poor)
Happy खुश(khush) वे खुश थे |(They were happy)
Sad दुखी(dukhee) आप दुखी हो |(You are sad)
Friend दोस्त(dost) वह मेरा दोस्त था |(He was my friend)
Relative रिश्तेदार(rishtedaar) वह हमारा रिश्तेदार है |(He is our relative)
Dangerous खतरनाक(khatarnaak) वे खतरनाक लोग है |(They are dangerous)
Poor गरीब(gareeb) वह गरीब था |(He was poor)
Rich अमीर(ameer) वह अमीर थी |(She was rich)

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