Where were you ?

Speaker Hindi English
A तुम कहाँ हो ?

(tum kahaan ho?)

Where are you ?
B मैं ऑफिस में हूँ |

(main office me hoon)

I am in office
B तुम कहाँ हो ?

(tum kahaan ho?)

Where are you ?
A मैं दिल्ली में हूँ |

(main dilli me hoon)

I am in Delhi.
A पीटर कहाँ है  ?

(Peter kahaan  hain?)

Where is Peter ?
B पीटर घर में हैं ?

(Peter ghar me  hain?)

Peter is in home.
A कल तुम कहाँ थे ?

(kal tum kahaan the?)

Where were you yesterday ?
B कल मैं चेन्नई में था |

(kal main chennai me thaa)

I was in Chennai yesterday.
A पीटर कल कहाँ था ?

(Peter kal office me thaa)

Where was peter yesterday ?
B पीटर कल अस्पताल में  था ?

(Peter kal aspataal me thaa)

Peter was in hospital yesterday.


  1. hi, i found this is a great website to learn hindi.
    so for my convenience i bought your android app. but i m greatly disappointed with that. because compared to your website,your android app contains very few stuffs which is not satisfactory. so i request you to please add all the items which is in your website to your app also.

    1. Hi buvana, thanks for your comment.

      Can you please tell us the features which you want in the app. We have tried to incorporate all features of the website on the app. Please let us know if you feel there is a need to add some new features. We will add those as soon as possible.


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