Talking about past in Hindi

Speaker Hindi English
A कल कौन आया?

(kal kaun aaya)

Who came yesterday?
B कल पीटर आया |

(kal peter aaya)

Peter came yesterday?
A कल आपने क्या खाया ?

(kal aapne kyaa khayaa)

What did you eat yesterday?
B कल मैंने पिज़्ज़ा खाया |

(kal maine pizza khaayaa)

I ate Pizza yesterday?
A आपने कल क्या किया ?

(aapne kal kyaa kiyaa?)

What did you do yesterday?
B मैंने कल काम किया |

(maine kal kaam kiyaa)

I worked yesterday.
A कल आपने टीवी देखा क्या ?

(kal aapne TV dekhaa kyaa?)

Did you watch/see TV yesterday?
B हाँ,कल मैंने टीवी देखा |

(haan, kal maine TV dekhaa)

Yes I watched/saw TV yesterday.
A कल आपने क्या बनाया?

(kal aapne kyaa banaayaa)

What did you make ?
B कल मैंने आइसक्रीम बनाया |

(kal, maine icecream banaayaa)

I made icecream yesterday.
A कल आप कहाँ गए ?

(kal aap kahaan gaye?)

Where did you go yesterday?
B कल मैं बाजार गया |

(kal main baajaar gayaa)

I went to a market yesterday.

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