Greetings and Introductions

Speaker Hindi English
A नमस्ते


Hello !
B सुप्रभात


Good Morning
A आप कैसे हैं ?

(aap kaise hain?)

How are you?
B मैं ठीक हूँ |

(main theek hoon)

I am fine.
B धन्यवाद


Thank you.
A आप कैसे हैं ?

(aap kaise hain?)

How are you?
B मैं अच्छा /अच्छी हूँ |

(main acchaa/acchee hoon)

I am good.


  1. what is the difference between
    ‘aap kaise hain?’
    ‘aap kaise ho’
    i thought u explained it for plural in some lesson
    but now u have used it at singular formal case.
    Could u clarify

  2. This website is so useful to hindi learners.Hoping someone would clarify my doubt, Iam asking a question:
    I am not sure when to use ki,ko,ka,ke,ne,pe etc.
    I have been asking this question to many people but I could not get a proper explanation.

    1. ki,ko ,ke works like apostrophe s of english

      for example,

      Harshini’s car = हर्शिनी की गाडी
      harshini’s house = हर्शिनी का घर

      You can find a lesson on this in Hindi pronouns section.


  3. It is really really very nice,good and interesting to learn hindi through this manner……..Really i like this way…

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