Hindi Dialogues and Conversations

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5 comments on “Hindi Dialogues and Conversations
  1. Khushi says:

    is phone’s charge over ?

    phone ka charge over kya ? its rite ?

    what are de wrds for over,finish,start,end ?

    say,tell,speak for all dese words represents “बोलना” ?

  2. sharanappa says:

    hi, i am so happy about this website, but we need more information please try to update more things so that we can learn more things in short time……..


  3. Abdulrauf aljasawee says:

    Namaste tum log main abdul hun aur main atharah saal hum naigeria mera desh hai main hindi bolt sakta nahi hai lekin i want to lern, kripayaa muje help karo.

  4. Karthi.Nair says:

    I want to talk to the housegirl,the vender and others fluendly with correct grammer,nos other words to make sentenses

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