1. is phone’s charge over ?

    phone ka charge over kya ? its rite ?

    what are de wrds for over,finish,start,end ?

    say,tell,speak for all dese words represents “बोलना” ?

  2. hi, i am so happy about this website, but we need more information please try to update more things so that we can learn more things in short time……..


  3. Namaste tum log main abdul hun aur main atharah saal hum naigeria mera desh hai main hindi bolt sakta nahi hai lekin i want to lern, kripayaa muje help karo.

  4. im new on this website and I would also like to learn this language, so im really hoping that it helps me a lot. and I would also like to be advised which website I can use that has audio teachings so that I can also learn the pronounciation.

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