“I don’t understand Hindi” in Hindi

So you are in India  and somebody spoke in Hindi so fast that you could not understand a single word of it.

How will you say to him/her “I don’t understand you ” in Hindi

Let us learn translation of above lines in Hindi and also a new Hindi verb :  “समझना  (samaznaa) (to understand)”

Present tense

मैं समझता/ती हूँ |. (main samzataa/tee hoon) =I understand

मुझे समझ नहीं रहा है | (muze samaz naheen rahaa hai) = I am not understanding.

मुझे हिंदी समझती नहीं | (mujhe hindi samzatee nahin) = I do not understand Hindi.

मुझे थोडीसी हिंदी समझती है | (mujhe thodi see hindi samaztee hain) = I understand a little Hindi.

मुझे सिर्फ अंग्रेजी समझती है | (mujhe sirf angrezi samztee hain) = I understand only English.

Past Tense

मैं समझा/झी | (main samzaa) = I understood.

मुझे उसकी बात समझी | (muze uskee baat samzee) = I understood what he/she said.



  1. Sir

    In present tense you have given for i don’t understand Hindi- muje Hindi samaztee nahin, is this for feminine only or for both genders. like wise it is there for another 2 sentences. The same thing in past tense also muje uski baath samzee.I understood what he/she said. Please clarify

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