I don’t like this movie.

With this lesson , learn how to make sentences on “don’t like” in Hindi. Learn how to say “I don’t like Cricket” or “I don’t like this food” in Hindi.

The verb “to like” means “पसंद होना (pasand honaa)” in Hindi.

so “don’t like ” means “पसंद नहीं होना (pasand nahi hona)” in Hindi.

Let us see some examples

मुझे क्रिकेट पसंद है | (mujhe cricket pasand hai)  = I like cricket.

मुझे क्रिकेट पसंद नहीं है | (mujhe cricket pasand nahi hai)  = I don’t like cricket.

मुझे यह सिनेमा  पसंद है | (mujhe yah cinemaa pasand hai)  = I like this movie.

मुझे यह सिनेमा  पसंद नहीं है | (mujhe yah cinemaa pasand nahi hai)  = I don’t like this movie.

मुझे समोसा पसंद है | (mujhe samosaa pasand hai)  = I like samosa.

मुझे समोसा  पसंद नहीं है | (mujhe samosaa pasand nahi hai)  = I don’t like samosa.


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  1. Giving description for each lesson’s title using of the suitable words like nouns, verbs and pronouns is really good.

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