How do you say “Do you have my phone ?” in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson, We will learn sentences like “Do you have………….. ?” in Hindi. We will learn to make sentences like “Do you have water ?” or “Do you have my pen ? ” or “Do you have a house ?” in Hindi.

Just hover your mouse over the flashcard to view the answer.

[easy_flashcard id=2]


  1. Hi,
    I have a suggestion. Flash card is good. I don’t know hindi reading. If you add english pronunciation of hindi sentence then it will be a big help for me.


  2. Flash card does not work in mobile devices, older way of text content is better, I need to browse thru laptop to review the lessons.

  3. oh no flash cards are really good, it is good to be able to test ourselves, especially once we have gone through all the tests on the site, it is hard to keep going eery day on your own.. please do use flash cards again, but what is missing here is the usual examples in aap, main, woh form… we only have tumhare here.. many thanks , keep up the great work 🙂

  4. flash card method is so good. But the pronunciation given in english is very much helpful to read and help to pronunce the word.

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