Comparing things in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson we will learn to compare things in Hindi using adjectives. We will learn to make sentences like “iPhone is costlier than Galaxy” or “Sachin plays better than Dhoni”.


Costlier than = -से महंगा (se mahangaa)

आय फोन गैलेक्सी से महंगा है | (iphone galaxy se mahangaa hai) = Iphone is costlier than Galaxy.

आलू गोबी से महंगा है | (aaloo gobi se mahangaa hai) = Potato is costlier than flower

Cheaper than = -से सस्ता

गेलेक्सी iphone से सस्ता है | (galaxy iphone se sastaa hai) = Galaxy is cheaper than iphone.

गोबी आलू से सस्ती है | (gobi aaloo se sastee hai) = Flower is cheaper than potato

The adjective is inflected according to the gender.

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More examples:

चाय पानी से गरम है | (chay paani se garam hai) = Tea is hotter than water.

सचिन धोनी से अच्छा खेलता है | (sachin dhoni se acchha kheltaa hai) = Sachin plays better than Dhoni.

सचिन धोनी से अच्छी गाड़ी चलाता है | (sachin dhoni se acchee gaadi chalaataa hai)= Sachin drives better than Dhoni.

प्रियंका मोनिका से अच्छी दिखती है | (priyankaa monikaa se acchee dikhtee hai) = Priyanka looks better than Monika.



    1. Hi Ellie

      Thanks for your comment. You are correct. Flower is Phool. Literally it translates to Flower is cheaper than Potato. But here, I meant flower as cauliflower which translates to Gobi in Hindi. It is just my laziness that created the confusion here 🙁 🙁

      Cheers !!

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