Family relations in Hindi

People from Father’s side

परदादा Per Dada  One’s father’s father’s Father
परदादी Per Dadi  One’s father’s father’s Mother
दादा Dada  One’s father’s father
दादी Dadi  One’s father’s mother
पापा Papa (Pitahji)  One’s father
चाचा Chacha  One’s father’s younger brother
चाची Chachi  One’s father’s younger brother’s wife
ताया Taya (Bade Papa)  One’s father’s elder brother
ताई Tai (Badi Ma)  One’s father’s elder brother’s wife
बुआ Bua or Phuphi  One’s father’s sister
फूफा Phupha  One’s father’s sister’s husband

People from Mother’s side

परनाना Per Nana  One’s Mother’s Father’s Father
परनानी Per Nani  One’s Mother’s Father’s Mother
नाना Nana  One’s Mother’s father
नानी Nani  One’s Mother’s Mother
माँ Ma  One’s mother
मौसी Mausi  One’s mother’s Sister
मौसा Mausa  One’s mother’s Sister’s husband
मामा Mama  One’s mother’s brother
मामी Mami  One’s mother’s brother’s wife


भाई Bhai  One’s parent’s (share at least one parent) Son (your Brother, male sibling)
बहन Behan  One’s parent’s (share at least one parent) daughter (your Sister, female sibling)

Brother’s Family

भाभी Bhabhi  Brother’s Wife (usually applied for an elder brother’s wife)
भतीजा Bhatija  One’s Brother’s Son
भतीजी Bhatiji  One’s Brother’s Daughter

Sister’s Family

जीजा Jija  Sister’s Husband (usually applied if the sister is elder then you)
भांजा Bhanja  One’s Sister’s Son
भांजी Bhanji  One’s Sister’s Daughter

Your Family

मैं Main  First form (‘I’)
पत्नी Patni  One’s wife
पति Pati One’s Husband
बेटा Beta  One’s Son
बेटी Beti  One’s Daughter


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