body parts in Hindi

Word हिन्दी Transliteration
body बदन badan
head सर sar
hair बाल baal
face चेहरा chehra
eye आँख ankh
ear कान kaan
nose नाक naak
mouth मुँह munh
teeth दाँत daat
tongue जीभ jibh
chest छाती chhaati
belly पेट pet
arm बाजू baazoo
hand हाथ haath
elbow कोहनी kohni
palm हथेली hatheli
finger ऊंगली ungli
fingernail नाखून nakhun
leg टाँग taang
skin चमडी chamari
bone हड्डी haddi
heart दिल dil
blood खून khoon
urine पेशाब peshab
faeces, feces पैखाना paikhaana
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  1. subhashini says:

    providing the pronunciation of the corresponding words will fetch a good knowledge to the basic learners

  2. alia fawcett says:

    hi guys what about including:


    just a suggestion 🙂

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