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  1. This is very helpful to beginners. The daily lessons are very good. How ever a teacher is essential to learn and speak Hindi fluently.

  2. This site is have good materials to learn hindi very easily keep update new things to learn…mindurhindi team rockz keep going lads..

  3. Namaste/Hi,
    Shubh Prabhaat / Good morning.
    aap kaise ho ? How are you ?

    Are you pursuing Hindi studies ?
    I am eager to know How far have you developed.
    Kripayaa rookiye mut, Hindi seekhnaa jaree rakhiye.
    Keep practicing Hindi.

    dhanyawaad / thanks,
    fir milenge / will meet again,

    1. yeah really it soo gud website..
      and very useful to people who wants to learn hindi..
      i thanks to u for maintaing this website

  4. hi…firstly thank you …this website is superb….
    but small request please don’t allow those ugly and unwanted adds on ur website please so many elders are visiting this site …

    1. I am glad that you liked the website and I thank you Rani for letting me know about such type of ads.I’ll try to block them wherever I can.

  5. Namaste bhai,aap kaise ho?
    Aapke website mein hindi seekhna bahut aasaan tha.
    Mein south india mein rahta hoon aur south india mein jyaada se jyaada logon ko hindi aathee nahin hein.Vo logon ko hindi seekhne keliye, mein is website recommend karoonga.
    Mere hindi mein galat hein kya?Galat Hein tho,mujhe bathao.


  6. mai tere website dhanyavad bolna chahthi ho kyo ki school time se mujko hindi se dartha applogonke vaja mai bhoot asan se hindi sekleya aur ek bar apoko danyavad

  7. i really thank u for providing this website …it is soo helpful to people who wants to learn hindi
    now a these hindi is so important language to communicate with peoples..
    so i hope u maintain this website much better than this
    thank u sir

  8. i miss “daily hindi” updates for 3 days…. kya uhaa ??

    pls continue…

    no other website can replace dis website to learn hindi…..

    1. I was busy with some work, so couldn’t put a new daily Hindi sentence.
      Just posted a lesson.
      Hope you got it.


  9. thz is very good platform to learn hindi.i loved it lot.thank you ‘mind ur hindi’.provide us some other languages in thz site.

  10. namaste aap kaise ho?
    i love this website, its really easy to learn hindi in this way 🙂
    shukriya for that!

    Peter from Hungary

  11. Such a nice website my friend Anisha recommended this for me. I’m a student and find your website really really helpful. Mujhe Hindi seekhna hai aur main Zaroor Hindi seekhoongi. Thankyou mindurhindi! Keep it up!

  12. Hello

    I really like your website, nice and comprehensive.

    However, I’m missing a way to translate my own name (Signe) into Hindi letters, anyone who could help me with that?

    Best regards


  13. this site create interest much !! if u dont mine can u devolop a page like this for ENGLISH language with in 6 months !! it would help many of present genration carrier !! please include english langiage with in 6 motnths

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